Laser Hobby

Let your imagination run wild

Recently, Laserhellas acquired a smaller L.A.S.E.R. from BRM, directed in the creation of gifts and custom made creations. It is a device capable of engraving your personal ideas, memories and imagination, on multiple materials, aiming at the creation of truly personal memorabilia.

Are you interested in custom made ornaments or gift for a friend? Would you be interested in forever engraving a loving photograph on wood? Or maybe make a special reception memorable with personalized invitations with beautiful designs and strange geometries?

Even a simple box can be turned into something unique, when made by wood! We are ready to propose ideas and make yours a reality. Aiming at the creation of a product that is truly your own!

Some ideas that you might consider: Photograph printing/engraving, key chains made of wood/leather, spices/wine custom storage boxes, wall clocks of distinctive design, business/home sings, decorative contraptions.