Packaging Dies

The company produces the following

  • 2D wooden packaging dies
  • Sticker dies
    (label press)
  • Vacuum dies
  • Electrical dies

Steps of creation

1. Laser Cutting

The final drawing is supplied to the Feha L.A.S.E.R. . Having a power output of 1000W, the machine is capable of cutting through plywood of multiple widths (6-20mm). The L.A.S.E.R. technology guarantees constant cutting accuracy. The fast cutting speed, as well as the absence of the human factor, results in a constantly qualitative product.

2. Stipping / creasing

Through the use of Multi Bend System machinery, the metals are bent in the appropriate form, almost automatically.

  • When the complexity of the die surpasses the capabilities of the machinery, our technicians undertake the difficult task of forming.
  • The creasing and perforating metals are always hand formed.

3. Packaging die filling/metals placement

All of the above are collected and assembled by the technicians with great care for accuracy having the original drawing as a guide.