The idea-philosophy of the company is conceived by Mr. Panagiotis Chatzichristos. Through multiple years of experience as a multi-disciplinary technician since 1975, Mr. Chatzichristos succeeds in materializing his aspirations of economic, quality based customer service in 1980. Laserhellas opens as a small scale business, in the heart of industrialized Athens, Votanikos.
Strong foundations are forged through the cooperation and ethos of the workforce. The unquestionable customer satisfaction is the company’s only motive.
Every step of every process is hand crafted. The drawings, as well as the creation of the packaging dies, depend greatly on the familiarity of the technicians and designers. The quality of the work is reflected upon the products. Thus, the company now develops its first partnerships with multiple customers, building the reputation that it still holds today.
Constantly adapting to the needs of the competitive business environment, driven by the idea of a solid infrastructure, Laserhellas acquires its first L.A.S.E.R. machinery in 1999, as well as two multi bending systems. Additionally, designing software and training are attained, upgrading the quality of the products forever. Thus starting a new chapter for the company.
Due to the need of constant customer sampling, resources are invested into the acquisition of plotter and CNC equipment. This eliminates the, until then, handcrafted packaging samples, fully modernizing the production chain.
Due to the increase of the demand of space, Laserhellas transfers in its new offices in 2010, where it resides until today.